How to Choose the Proper Paint for Your Home

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Home Painting - Colour Choices

How to Paint a Room in Your Home

Looking for great painting and décor ideas for a small home? Small rooms have unique home paint needs that can often make their owner’s shy away from color. Fear not, many options are available that exaggerate space and go far beyond the typical boring white wall.
Some of the best paint colors for small rooms include:

  • Dark, Mediterranean blues
    Using colors in this spectrum of blue can really unify a small room, especially when décor elements such as moldings, cabinets, and carpet utilize a similar tone. How? A sea of blue blows out boundaries, camouflaging small rooms by creating depth and making the different planes blend and extend.
  • Deep, smoky grays
    Deep, smoky grays blur the edges of small rooms, especially when high gloss paints are used to reflect light. Pair this dark, mysterious color with bright white molding and furniture, adding color splashes with pastels such as pale blues, pinks, lavender, mint green, and more.
  • Taupe
    Looking for a more neutral home painting tone? Taupe is not only soothing but expands a space, especially when incorporated into ceilings. It is perfect for taking the focus off the size of a room and emphasizing décor and furnishings.
  • Aubergine
    This rich color, similar to eggplant, offers a luxurious feel to small rooms. Like deep blues, they also blur the perimeter and create more depth.
  • Coffee browns
    Deep, rich coffee browns in a high gloss finish offer a dramatic look. Avoid flat and satin finishes and white moldings, however, as they can chop up the room and ruin the effect.
  • Pale blue
    Extremely pale blues project qualities of air and light, offering the best paint choice for a clean, fresh look. Pale blue also helps catch and reflect other colors in the décor.
  • Crisp green
    Using a color that reflects those seen outside such as the greens of trees, grass, and leaves make a room feel alive and extend its boundaries beyond that of the windows.
  • Pale yellow
    Pale yellows and pale yellows with a hint of green make any room look bigger, especially rooms with great natural lighting. Pair this color with black furniture and tangerine, red, or lime green accents for a lively look.

Home Painting - Choosing the best finish

How to Paint a Room in Your Home

Flat, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, high gloss – does it really make a difference? Absolutely. Are you looking for durability or to hide imperfections? Carefully consider you long-term paint needs before selecting a paint finish.
  • Flat and matte
    Flat paint is non-reflective and hides imperfections better than glossy options, however it is porous and difficult to clean.
  • Eggshell
    Eggshell has slightly more sheen than flat and slightly less than satin, offering the best of both worlds in camouflage and washability. A good choice for high-use areas.
  • Interior satin
    Slightly flatter than semi-gloss, interior satin is durable and great for high-use areas.
  • Semi-gloss
    Semi-gloss is a higher sheen paint that is stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Gloss
    Gloss offers the toughest, most durable finish available but can show more imperfections due to its ability to reflect light. It is also more mildew resistant than flat finishes because it is less porous.

Avoid color phobia and take your home from drab to fab with the perfect paint color and finish. Regardless of paint home design preferences, there are a sea of options available to improve and enhance any small home.