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Paints & Home Decorating

We feature PARA Paints which is a line of premium quality paints that include architectural paints, stains, varnishes and faux finishing supplies. Throughout its history, the company has never compromised on personalized service, value and quality. In 1990 the company celebrated it’s 75th anniversary with the opening of its new environmentally friendly manufacturing/distribution facility in Ontario. This same year PARA paints was selected as Canada’s best managed, privately held company by Canadian business Magazine.


Blinds & Shades


We provid ethe best in window blinds, shades and shutters since we have open our doors to home owners and professional contrators in the home services industry. We feature brands like Levolor, founded in 1914 and synonymous with the 1" mini-blind, remains the most recognized name in custom window coverings today. We also carry lines by Shade O' Matic and Blinds to Go which are all trusted quality brands and custumer favorites.


Wall Paper & Wall Coverings


We have put together a wide range of wallpaper suppliers including York, Warner, Chesapeake, Concord. Or choose from our Blue Montain books which are 100% CANADIAN Made Wallpapgers just to name a few. We also feature Mirroflex Structures backsplash wall and ceiling tiles availiable in many colours and finishes

Tips and Tricks


There are many tricks of the trade to keep in mind here are just a few to get your next project to be a beautiful success

Create The Mood

Did you know the colour you choose for a room will help elicit a specific atmosphere?


For example:


Warm Colours (red, red-orange, orange-yellow, orange, yellow-green, yellow) — These colours have been found to stimulate. They are informal and casual and create that friendly interior. People will talk, take risks and tend to be noisier in warm coloured rooms.


Cool Colours

(blue, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, green) — These colours have been found to be relaxing. They are more formal and less approachable. People tend to be more reserved, better behaved and less talkative in cool coloured interiors.

Be Original

Colour is Personal

Though colour schemes should be appropriate, above all they should make you as the home owner happy. Rules were meant to be broken — or at least a little bit, so don't be afraid to show your personality in your colour choices!
Selecting the Right Paint

Selecting the right gloss level tends to be one of the more difficult parts of choosing paint. The reason behind some of the confusion is the terminology that paint manufactures use. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the differences as well as the pros and cons of each gloss level.

HIGH GLOSS This can be used for kitchens and bathroom walls as well as kitchen cabinets, banisters and railings. This can also be used for trim, furniture, dorr jams and window sills. **PROS/CONS This gloss level tends to be more durable, stain resistant and easier to wash. However high gloss levels in paint show the imperfections of the surface that is being painted more clearly.

SEMI-GLOSS The semi gloss paints can be used for kitch and bathroom walls and hall ways. This is also a popular selection for children;s rooms, playrooms, doors and woodwork. ** PROS/CONS This gloss level tends to be more stain resistant and easier to clean compared to the flat paints whick make this an ideal paint for children's rooms and high traffic areas.

SATIN OR SILK These paints are very similar to the semi-gloss and eggshell characteristics.

EGGSHELL This gloss level can be used in place of flat paints on walls more specifically hallway walls, bathrooms and playrooms. They can also be used in place of semi-gloss paints on trim for a less shiny look.

FLAT & MATTE The best use fo these are on walls and ceilings.

PROS/CONS These gloss levels hide surface imperfections. However stain removal can be more difficult compared to more glossy paints. Use this level of gloss for a uniform, non-reflecting appearance. Matte and flat paints are best for low traffic areas.